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COVID-19 Guidlines

Guidelines for attending Liturgy during Phase 3  of Reopening church

Please read every point carefully

1-Attendance for Weekend liturgies is now cyclical with 2 groups: Family names  Each group will have its turn on either Saturday or Sunday. 
Saturday will be for families with no kids  ,Sunday  for families with children and Sunday school

2-Refrain from touching surfaces of walls, icons, and doors.

3-Members of your household must be seated on the same pew and are not allowed to sit on multiple pews. We ask that the men and boys in your family sit on the men’s side, and the women on the women’s side of the church in accordance to the church tradition. Based on our congregation size and the groups, there will be enough space for everyone to sit safely distant from the next family.

4-The morning of coming to church, you are asked to fill out a questionnaire to ensure that you are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

5-An important aspect of the questionnaire requires you to check your temperature and the temperature of each member of your household. You must check the temperature the morning of the assigned liturgy service attendance.
If you or any member of your household is identified to have a fever defined as a temperature of 100 degrees fahrenheit or greater, you and your household members are kindly asked to refrain from attending the church service. Please immediately inform Abouna if you have to cancel at the last minute due to fever or any symptom.

6-You need to bring your own supply of hand sanitizers for you and for members of your household. There will be hand sanitizer stations available near high touch surfaces and you are encouraged to use them frequently anytime you enter/exit the church, utilize cry room, or when entering/exiting bathroom

7-Social distance remains the most effective method of keeping everyone safe. You are asked to maintain at least 6 feet distance from other families. You are encouraged to bring a disposable or cloth mask with you during the service. Each member of your household is required to wear a mask if they are above the age of 5 Please remove the mask during communion.

8-You are asked to maintain 6 feet distance from the priest and the bishop except during communion.

7-Families will only enter the church from the South door and will only exit from the Northwest door. The South door is designated for entering the church and the Northwest door for exiting the church.

8-Seating: Upon arrival, please sit in a location accessible that is not blocked by the red ribbon. Please do not move the ribbons as they are placed in order to maintain social distancing.
Please do not enter the blockaded areas. Please do not allow your children to enter the blockaded area.

9-Parents are expected to monitor and ensure that their children are maintaining social distancing and remain in their designated pews. If you have concerns about your children following these guidelines then please wait for a future opportunity to attend.
You are expected to bring your own water bottle for use after communion.

10-Hand cloth for communion will not be provided so you are encouraged to bring your own.

11-Head scarfs will not be provided so you are encouraged to bring your own.

12-For the distribution of the Eulogia (bread of blessing), Abouna will give one loaf of bread to each family. Please receive it from Abouna without touching his hand.

13-Men and women of each household are asked to be seated together on the same pew.

14- Receiving communion will be one family at a time and will follow in a counterclockwise direction. A deacon will guide each row when

and how to proceed with communion. Please follow his instructions carefully.

15-Before leaving: Please use the provided sanitizing wipes and wipe down your pew as you leave it.

16-Families should exit one pew at a time starting with the last pew on the left then the last pew on the right in that order.

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